Service agreement on Vantaa’s after-school activities in basic education

School year August 10, 2023 - May 31, 2024
Basic Education Act 628/1998
(section 8a: Morning and after-school activities)

1. Contracting parties

Basic information on child (Filled by the guardian)

Guardians (Filled in by the guardian)

Note! First guardian signs the form.

Service provider

Nano lasten ja Nuorten kerhotoiminta Oy












2. Choosing operating time and customer fees

2.A Choosing operating time (Filled in by guardian)

2.B Customer fees

Customer fees are 100 €/month when operating time ends at 16:00 and 130 €/month when operating time ends at 17:00.

The after-school activities customer fee can be reduced 35%, depending on the family’s income level. Apply for the fee reduction on a separate form, available on the city’s after-school activities website.

A full-month customer fee will be charged for August. No customer fee will be charged for potential activity days in June. If the child begins at an after-school club on the 20th day of the month or after, half of the monthly customer fee will be charged.

Customer fee during period of notice: If you terminate the agreement in January, for example, you must still pay the customer fee for both January and February.

If a child’s after-school club changes within Vantaa in the middle of a calendar month or at the turn of the month, the earlier organizer of the after-school activity is not entitled to collect the fee for the following month. Overlapping customer fees will not be charged for the period of notice.

If the child cannot due to sickness participate in after-school activities on more than 10 days per calendar month, half of the monthly fee will be charged. If absence due to sickness lasts for an entire calendar month, no charge will be collected. The sickness shall be verified with a medical certificate.

If the child cannot due to another reason participate in after-school activities in an entire calendar month, half of the monthly fee will be charged. In this case, we recommend that you inform the organizer of the after-school activity in writing about the absence well in advance.

The charge for a reminder for overdue payment is 5 €

Customer fees are collectible. The collection charges will be collected from the customer. Late payment interest: If a customer fee is not paid by the due date, an annual late payment interest may be charged as of the due date in accordance with the Interest Act.

3. Cancelling and annulling the service agreement

The period of notice of this agreement is one calendar month. The period is calculated from the last day of the month in which the notice was given. For example, if you cancel the agreement in January, the agreement will terminate at the end of February, and the termination will enter into force on March 1.

Send the notice of termination in writing to the organizer of after-school activities as well as to the Education and Learning Department, address: Vantaan kaupunki, Kasvatus ja oppiminen, Iltapäivätoiminta, PL 1500, 01030 Vantaan kaupunki or email:

The service provider can cancel the service agreement in case:

- the customer fails to pay the invoices by their due date regardless of reminders

- the customer repeatedly breaches the other terms of this agreement and does not change his or her behavior despite warnings

4. Insurance

The City of Vantaa has insured the child in case of accident. In addition to the after-school activity time, the insurance also covers travel directly related to the activity. In case of accident, the child is directed to a City of Vantaa health center or, if necessary, directly to a HUS (District of Helsinki and Uusimaa) hospital.

The organizer of the after-school activity is not responsible for the child’s personal belongings (mobile phones or other valuables).

Cooperation and flow of information

The organizer / counselor of the after-school activities shall be informed of the child’s absences and temporary changes in the manner agreed together.


The organizers of the after-school activities are entitled to have one staff training day per school year, on which day the club is closed. The guardians will be informed of the staff training day at least two weeks in advance.

The consent of the guardian is needed for the communication of even everyday issues related to the child’s wellbeing between the school and after-school club. The organizer of the after-school activity and its staff commits to not give to third party any information on the customer’s privacy, financial status, or social and health welfare services.


Appendix 1
Only for the use of the service provider and counselors (Filled in by the guardian)

Child's information

Fetching the child


In addition to the guardian, the following persons (name and contact information) may fetch the child. If some other person not mentioned below is to fetch the child, permission must be separately given in writing. Other issues related to fetching your child.

How would you describe your child? (For example, the child’s strengths, what the child likes and is interested in)

Grounds (Grounds for special support or attached statement by the school psychologist / other expert regarding the child’s need for special support)

Information for the councelors (attach medical certificates)

- Special diets and food allergies
- Possible diseases, regular medication, allergies

What else do you want to point out? (For example, exceptional living arrangements)


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